I started in film and television in 1983.

I have received formal training in camera operation and lighting through BBC, Australian and New Zealand Lighting Designers, and Directors of Photography.

Auckland Company Perspective Video initially started me in Electronic News Gathering for ITN London 1986.

This was complimented by operating under the tuition of a Director of Photography on programmes and TV commercials. In 1987 I was part of a drama-training program run by TVNZ. This was a 6-week intensive course to establish a base of camera operators who understood the fast/high quality demands of Drama camera work.

I also received pedestal camera operation training, and am proficient at operating camera cranes, gib arms, and hot heads.

Skill Summary

Since those early days I have worked on a huge number and range of documentaries, programmes, TVCs, shows and events.

I am confident with all current formats.

I also own/operate a camera rental company which owns multiple cameras, including 2 x RED EPIC Dragons

I have been DP on 9 TV drama shows, operated on more than 20 and DP’d literally thousands of commercials.

I regularly cover Iron man, facing backwards on a motorbike. I have been into quasi war zones filming illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican US border at night. I have hung out of helicopters, been strapped to the front of trucks, jumped off bridges, been swimming with sharks, abseiled down cliffs and perched on high speed jet boats whilst filming.  I AM up for a challenge.


  • My interests include:
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Motorcycles
  • New Zealand History
  • Boxing

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